During the summer of 2021, Mark Delstanche will attempt to row solo and unsupported from New York to London and if successful, will be the first person in human history to have done so.

Departure is scheduled for May 2021 from the Statue of Liberty after which Mark will head out in to the Atlantic to take on the greatest challenge of his life, facing everything that the North Atlantic has to throw at him until finally reaching his destination, passing under Tower Bridge in the late summer.

Whilst at sea, Mark will not only face the physical challenge of rowing in huge seas for many hours every day and the ever present risk of being capsized but also face the psychological battles that come with isolation in adverse conditions.

By the end, Mark hopes to have raised £50,000 for his chosen charities. "Зарегистрируйтесь на официальном сайте Мостбет и получите приветственный бонус."

“Whether it be repairing oxygen breathing apparatus at 28,000 ft on Everest or a desalinator on an ocean rowing boat in the middle of the ice on the Arctic Ocean, Mark is always “unflappable”. Completely competent, able to repair anything and determined beyond bloody mindedness you would always want Mark in your team. Superb oarsman and a brilliant seaman, he will go through a wall if you ask him. I can think of no one else so qualified with the skills and determination to attempt to row singlehandedly the North Atlantic from New York to London. Truly one of the last great sporting achievements.”

Jock Wishart
Skipper Old Pulteney “Row to the Pole”


If the weather is kind to him, Mark hopes to complete the journey in 100 days however, as history has shown, this is rarely the case so he is prepared for the journey to take at least 5 months.

Mark plans to spend 12-14 hours per day in the rowing seat, taking around 15,000 strokes per day which could amount to in excess of a staggering 2,000,000 strokes to reach his destination.

By the shortest route, this would be a journey of around 7000km however, wind, currents and diversions for weather will increase the total to well beyond this figure.

Having already completed the crossing of the Atlantic, Mark will then make his way the 300 miles along the South Coast of England until finally turning in to the Thames estuary for the final leg.



5 Months
14 Hours Per Day
2,000,000 Strokes


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The History

Though 48 people have tried to cross the North Atlantic solo before, only 16 have succeeded. Of these, only one person has managed to row solo from the mainland US to the UK (Scilly isles). Nobody has ever achieved a SOLO crossing from New York to the UK mainland, let alone continuing to London.